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Energy : the solar-hydrogen alternative. Sources of abundant, clean energy.




Introduction. Other sources of energy. Forms in which energy is manufactured. Direct and indirect energy conversion to electricity and mechanical energy. Efficiency of conversion. The burning of fossil fuels. Solar. Areas involved in collection of solar energy. Methods of conversion of solar energy to electricity and mechanical energy. Controlled fission. Fission reactors, breeder reactors. Controlled fusion. General situation with fusion. Gravitational. Hydroelectric. Tides. Use of streams in the sea. Wind power. Introduction. Winds. Aerogenerators. The tracked vehicle-airfoil concept. Wind energy as the exclusive energy source for large populations groups. The total potential energy certain stable wind currents. Storage and transportation. Geothermal energy. Low grade. High grade. Futur development. Summary. Research being done. The need for a reconsideration of priorities.

Presenta diagrs., gráfs. y tbls.

Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía. Secretaría de Planificación del Sub-Sector Energía - Centro de Información de Energía y Ambiente, CIENA

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