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VECON '84 : fuel efficient power trains and Vehicles. Fuel economy, emissions and noise of multi-spray light duty DI diesels-current status and development trends. SAE 841288. International Conference on Fuel Efficient Power Trains and Vehicles [22-24 Oct. 1984, London].




The current status and development trends of light duty diesel engines equipped with a multi-spray direct injection combustion system are described. Fuel consumption maps of a naturally aspirated and a turbocharged engine show that competitive performance and best fuel economy can be achieved. As a means for the reduction of combustion noise a split injection device is installed in the high pressure part of the fuel system. It permits a reduction of the amount of fuel injected during the ignition delay and consequently reduces the rate of pressure rise and maximum cylinder pressure. In addition, also a reduction of exhaust emissions is experienced. Advanced piston technology is presented as a feature for a further improvement of performance and fuel economy.. INTRODUCTION. DESIGN FEATURES OF MULTI-SRPAY HSDI DIESELS. PERFORMANCE. SPLIT INJECTION AS MEANS TO REDUCE COMBUSTION NOISE. General. Design features of the split injeciton device (SID). Operation. Effect of split injection. FURTHER COMPONENT DEVELOPMENT. CONCLUSIONS. REFERENCES.

Presenta diagrs., gráfs. y tbls.

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