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Methodology for regional assessment of small scale hydropower. Energy Department Paper.



A methodology is presented for the regional assessment of small scale hydroelectric potential which covers procedures for both new sites where no developments currently exist and existing sites such as small dams and canal drops which can be retrofitted with hydro generation equipment. The methodology makes use of the principle of representative sampling and analyses of typical projects followed by the extrapolation of the results to the regional area for the overall assessment. The recommended methodology is for use at the reconnaissance level and covers sampling procedures, study execution, cost and economic analyses, environmental and social considerations and the final assessment report. The procedures described in this methodology are intended to be used by experienced engineers, hydrologists, economics, and other involved disciplines, and only general principies are therefore covered. Use of the methodology should result in reasonably accurate estimates in a short period of time of the number, size and cost of the economically justified small-scale hydroelectric projects which could be development in the particular region or country under study. It is assumed that the methodology will be used primarily to obtain an estimate of the number and cost of small-scale hydroelectric sites so that the likely scope and economic benefits of a long-term development program can be assessed with sufficient reability to support requests for financing the small hydro programs. However, the technical assessment procedures presented with the methodology could also be used for reconnaissance level feasibility assessments in general. INTRODUCTION. METHODOLOGY FOR NEW SITES. METHODOLOGY FOR EXISTING SITES. STUDY EXECUTION. ENERGY PLANNING. HYDROLOGY FOR NEW SITES. TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF NEW SITES. HYDROLOGY FOR EXISTING SITES. TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF EXISTING SITES. COST ANALYSES. ECONOMIC ANALYSES. ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL CONSIDERATIONS. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION CONSIDERATIONS. REFERENCES.

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