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Proceedings right light 2nd european conference on energy-efficient lighting. Analysis of price and non-price factors influencing the adoption of compact fluorescent lamps by european households. European Conference on Energy-Efficient Lighting [2, 26-29 Set. 1993, Arnhem].



It is often stated that the price of an energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is the key determinant of consumer acceptance. Little systematic international research has been conducted, however, in this area. This paper presents results of price and non-price investigations into CLF purchasing behaviour in four European countries (France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands). Some surveys designed to determine a price elasticity (e.g. percent of households willing to buy a CFL at a given price) are susceptible to bias. More sophisticated price-perception research results show that there are certain psychological price points between which CFL prices are perceived as normal. A normal price can be interpreted as a price that does not deter the comsumer from purchasing the product. An acceptable cheap price, is perceived as a bargain price for the product. For prices higher than normal, or lower than bargain, consumer interest declines rapidly, lower prices can evoke doubts about product quality and higher prices are seen as too much money to consider buying. The relatively flat and wide normal price regions (typically range from ~$12 to ~$20 observed in each of the countries studied, suggested that CFL sales are adversely affected by non-price barriers and frictions in the marketplace. This finding is consistent with the nearly complete lack of correlation between CFL price and consumer response rates for a number of CFL programs held throught Western Europe. CFL promotion strategies must do more than focus on providing large financial incentives...Ver documento. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. PRICE-PERCEPTION SURVEY METHODOLOGY. The Price Perception Technique. Applying the Price Perception Technique in Surveys. Illustration of Survey results of the Price Perception Technique: the case of Shirts. The Price Perception Technique and CFLs. Price Perception Technique and the real world. PRICE-PERCEPTION SURVEY RESULTS. Price ranges. Potential market. NON-PRICE FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER ADOPTION OF CFLs. DISCUSSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PROGRAMS AND POLICIES. CONCLUSIONS.

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