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Proceedings right light 2nd european conference on energy-efficient lighting. Design of a non-sick visual environment in buildings relating to the discomfort glare perception. European Conference on Energy-Efficient Lighting [2, 26-29 Set. 1993, Arnhem].



The awareness of energy-issues during oil crisis years resulted in many improvements in light sources, accesories, installations as well as in whole lighting systems including daylighting. Nevertheless not only technical aspects are sufficient for a good building and/or lighting design. Consequences from the evaluation of optical stimuli perception can bring new possibilities for a significant amendment of the visual environment in buildings. The paper discusses the factors which can contribute to an entire stimulating visual work environment taking into account also the natural illumination. Further the results of an IDMP dataset analysis are given, i.e. the sky luminance availability in the typical months of a year. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. LIGHTING IMPASTS ASSESSMENT. DAYLIGHT MEASUREMENTS IN SLOVAKIA. LUMINOUS ENVIRONMENT IN EXTERIOR. LUMINOUS ENVIRONMENT IN INTERIOR. CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. REFERENCES.

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