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Grandes interrogantes del desarrollo energético : América Latina y el Caribe.




INTRODUCTION. THE ENERGY SITUATION. Introduction. The energy consumption. The end use of energy. Energy resources. Summary of energy situation. DESCRIPTION OF BOILERS. Introduction. Fire-tube boilers. Water-tube boilers. Electric boilers. EFFECT OF IMPORTANT PARAMETERS ON BOILER PERFORMANCE. Introduction. Economic considerations. Effect of air/fuel ratio on efficiency. Effecto of feedwater temperature on efficiency. Effect of fuel composition on efficiency. Effect of fouled heat transfer. Surface on efficiency. PERFORMANCE OF BOILERS. Introduction. Testing procedure for the Direct Method. Efficiency of boiler. Summary of Measurements. Accuracy of Instrumentaion. Instrumentation recommendations. Testing procedure for the Indirect Method. Combustion efficiency of a boiler Indirect Method. Error analysis of the Indirect Method. Instrumentation for combustion efficiency testing. ECONOMICS ASSOCIATED WITH ENERGY CONSERVATION. Objetive and scope. Basic definitions. Types of economic measures. Firts order measures of economic performace. Second order measures of economic performance. Example calculation. Conclusions. COMBUSTION CONTROL SYSTEMS. Introduction. Description of boiler control system. Selection of control system. Summary. References. BOILER FEEDWATER TREATMENT. Introduction. Impurities in Water. Measurement of Water quality. Problems caused by poor water quality. Equipment used for water quality treatment. Teminology and conversion factors associated with water analysis. Conclusions. References. FUEL OIL TREATMENT. Introduction. Fuel characteristics. Fuel problems. Fuel treatments. Conclusions. References. WASTE HEAT RECOVERY FROM BOILERS. Introduction. Energy recovery from exhaust gases. Energy recovery from excessive steam pressure. Energy recovery from blowdown. Summary. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF BOILERS. Introduction. General requirements. Daily requirements. Weekly requirements. Monthly requirements. Annual requirements. questions. BURNERS DESIGN AND SELECTION. Types of oil burners. Selection of oil burners. Types of coal firing systems. Stokers. Feed types and grate catagories. Pulverized coal burner.

Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía. Secretaría de Planificación del Sub-Sector Energía - Centro de Información de Energía y Ambiente, CIENA

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