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Proceedings right light 2nd european conference on energy-efficient lighting. Trends in recommended lighting levels : an international comparaison. European Conference on Energy Efficient Lighting [2, 26-29 Set. 1993, Arnhem].



While much focus is placed on energy efficiency as a determinat of lighting energy demand, the lighting level (illuminance) is also a key factor. This paper compiles and compares recommended lighting levels for illustrative commercial and industrial settings in 14 countries. These include offices, classrooms retail stores, hospitals, and manufacturing activities. The comparison reveals a 2 to 8 fold variation in lighting levels for the activities studied. The general pattern for a given country and activity is that levels increased by up to a factor of ten between the 1930s and the early 1970s, there after, level tended to stabilize or decline. Lighting recommendations have potentially large implications for energy use and may prove useful in explaining differences among countries. Before this can be quantified, more research is required on actual (versus recommended) levels and differences in the efficiency and control strategies of lighting technologies used in each country. ABSTRACT. LIGHTING LEVELS IN PERSPECTIVE. METHODOLOGY5RESULTS. ENERGY IMPLICATIONS. CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. REFERENCES.

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