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Energy for sustainable rural development projects : a reader. Training Materials for Agricultural Planning.



BASIC ENERGY CONCEPTS. Forms of energy. Energy conversion. Energy and power. Energy sources. Some notes on energy terminology. Energy flow. Energy units and dimensions. Energy losses and efficiency. Equivalence and replacement of energy forms. Energy balance. Process energy requirements and gross energy requirements. Example of calculations of energy conversions. ENERGY CONCERNS AND THE PROJECT CYCLE. Project identification. Identification of energy constraints. Identification of opportunities. Preliminary screening of project alternatives. Project preparation. Beneficiary participation in project desing. Detailed analysis of energy constraints and requirements. Desing of energy components. Project appraisal. project monitoring and evaluation. ECONOMICS OF ENERGY IN AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. Key economic efficiency issues. Non-economic efficiency criteria. Case studies applying foregoing concepts. Towards some synthesis. COMPARISON OF ENERGY ALTERNATIVES FOR SMALL-SCALE IRRIGATION. Technical calculations. Farm size and crops. Water requirements. Energy requirements. Specific fuel consumption. Plant sizing to meet peak loads. Economic analysis. Project costing assumptions and estimates. Base case technology choice alternatives. Base case cost and revenue comparisons. Economic pricing. Sensitivity analyses. AGRO FORESTRY. A new interest. Agro-forestry: adding trees to farming systems?. Agro-forestry techniques. Financial and economic implications. Benefits and costs to the farmers. The government's perspective. Preparation and implementation issues. Rapid rural appraisals. Project components. National and local institutions.

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