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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Energy Supply Management in Developing Countries. TCD/SEM.85/8INT-82-R31. International Symposium on Energy Supply Management in Developing Countries [6-9 Dec. 1982, Sophia Antipolis].



Opening remarks by the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Vladimir Baum. BACKGROUND PAPERS. Energy supply policy.Joint development of energy supply by adjacent countries : the Brazilian experience.. Energy supply in insolated localities. Strategies for the development of indigenous resources. Interrelations between countries in the energy field. Energy imports in developing countries.The institutional aspects of national energy supply policies.The problems of energy imports, with special emphasis on coal.Developing countries and petroleum imports. Financing energy development. COUNTRY PAPERS. Joint development of energy supply by adjacent countries. Energy supply in the rural areas of Vietnam. Trinh Trong Thuc. Recent measures concerning energy supply management in China. Energy demand in Jordan. The effects of a substitution programme on the balance between fuel supply and demand : the case of the Brazilian alcohol programme. Approaches to the question of energy supply management in Thailand. Energy supply management in developing countries : Pakistan. Conventional energy supplies in the Sudan. Energy development in Zimbabwe. Energy supply policy and management in India. Energy demand and supply in Jamaica : policies and management. Principles and management of energy supply in Togo. Energy development in Costa Rica : present situation and alternatives. Inter-State co-operation for the development of resources : the example of the River Senegal project. A survey of the energy supply situation in Nigeria. The Lima-Chimbote transmission line project : a bilateral assistance agreement (Perú)..

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