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Costa Rica : forest residues utilization study.



EXECUTIVE SUMMMARY. INTRODUCTION. Background. Country Economic Conditions. Country Energy Sector. Project Development. Objectives. Scope of Study. Coverage. Activities. FOREST RESIDUES SUPPLY. Overciew. Forest Resources. Forest Exploitation. Legal Aspects. Logging. Deforestation. Consequences of Deforestation. Protected Forest Areas. Unprotected Forest Areas. Exploitable Forest. Surface Area. Location Relative to Potential markets. Forest Residues. Land Clearing Residues. Loggin Residues. Sustainable Forest Management. Selective Logging with Natural Regeneration. Strip Cutting with Natural Regeneration. Plantation Forestry. Sustainable Exploitable Forest Area. Residue Production Area. Restrictions. Time Horizon of Exploitation. Summary Area Estimates. Forest Residue Production. Residue Production Density. Total Potential Residue Production. Extraction and Residue Preparation. Log Extraction. Residue Extraction. Residue Preparation. Residue Production Costs. Haulage Distance. Production Costs. RESIDUES UTILIZATION FOR CHARCOAL EXPORT. Overview. Present Charcoal Production and Consumption. Demand and Supply. Expansion of Domestic Market. Production for Export. Carbonization of Forest Residue for Export Markets. Carbonization Tecnologies. Technology Selection. forest Exploiitation Area. Production Cost. Enviromental Health and Safety. Conclusion. International Charcoal Marketing. Markets. Previous Costa Rican Exports. Pricing. Charcoal Export Analysis. Assumptions. Export Costs. Financial/Economic Analysis. Conclusion. RESIDUE UTILIZATION FOR FUEL OIL SUBSTITUTION IN INDUSTRY. Overview. Process Heat in Industry. Process heat Demand. Installed Equipment Base. Wood vs. Charcoal for Fuel Oil Replament. Retrofit of Industrial Oil Fired Boilers and Air Heaters. Techniacl Options. Costa Rican Experience with Gasification. Small Scale Industrial Heat Generation: Pretensados Nacionales. Description. Assumption. Financial/Economic Analysis. Medium scale Industrial Heat Generation: Fabrica Nacional de Licores. Large Scale Industrial Heat Generation: Fabrica Nacional de Licores. Large Scale Industrial Heat Generation: Industria Nacional de Cemento. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Sumary. Residue Utilization Options. Comparison of Residue Urilization Options. Inyegrated Forest Management and Exploitation Pilot Project. Environmental Risks. Enviromental Risk Amelioration. Other Uncertainties and Risk Factors.

Presenta gráfs., maps. y tbls. Energy Sector Management Assitance Program

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