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Future Bioenergy and Sustainable Land Use: Summary for policy-makers




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WBGU aims to show that the sustainable use of bioenergy is possible and to outline how to exploit opportunities while at the same time minimizing risks. To that end, WBGU presents an integrated vision that will provide policy-makers clear guidance for the deployment of bioenergy. The principle behind the change of direction that is required must in WBGU’s view be the strategic role of bioenergy as a component of the global transformation of energy systems towards sustainability. The guiding vision is inspired by two objectives: Firstly the use of bioenergy should contribute to mitigating climate change by replacing fossil fuels and thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the world energy system. Secondly the use of bioenergy can help to overcome energy poverty. Some 2.5 billion people currently have no access to affordable and safe forms of energy (such as electricity and gas) to meet their basic needs. Modern yet simple and cost-effective forms of bioenergy can play an important part in significantly reducing energy poverty in developing and newly industrializing countries. WBGU’s central message is that use should be made of the global sustainable potential of bioenergy, provided that risks to sustainability can be excluded. In particular, the use of bioenergy must not endanger food security or the goals of nature conservation and climate protection. [Extracto: p. 1]

Bioenergía; Uso de la tierra; Sostenibilidad; Desarrollo sostenible;

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