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Sustainability Standards for Bioenergy

Wiegmann, Kirsten
Schulze, Falk
Hermann, Andreas
Hünecke, Katja
Fritsche, Uwe R.



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Sustainability standards for bioenergy are a key issue from an environmental and nature-protection viewpoint. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Germany is promoting activities in this direction. To further the ongoing discussion and offer a concrete proposal for standards, WWF Germany commissioned a brief study from the Öko- Institut (Institute for Applied Ecology). The study provides an overview of key ecological and social impacts of bioenergy and develops a core set of standards which could ensure the sustainability of future bioenergy supplies. The scientific work was based on existing studies, other research results and information already available within the Öko-Institut. This final report summarizes the key findings of this work. It should be understood as a discussion paper that aims to promote further discussion and implementation on different policy levels and with different stakeholders. The report is not a position paper of WWF Germany. [Extracto, Foreword]

Bioenergía; Desarrollo sostenible; Sostenibilidad; Estándares;

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