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Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2007



Investment in sustainable energy is rapidly increasing, with $70.9 billion of new investment in 2006, which was 43% more than in 2005, and a similar continued growth trajectory so far in 2007. This is in response to a number of global challenges and concerns, including climate change, increasing energy demand and energy security. The investment community recognises the importance of the sector and the opportunities for value creation it presents. Consumers and companies are supporting the roll out of a new energy infrastructure and a change in individual and corporate behaviour. Most importantly, governments and policy makers are introducing legislation and support mechanisms to accelerate the development of the sector. This report presents the dollar view of the current status of sustainable energy development, including both the renewable energy (RE) and energy effi ciency (EE) sectors. The analysis is based on the different types of capital flows and their movement over time, combined with regional and sectoral trends. The implications for all stakeholders of this rapidly evolving capital build-up are examined. The information is intended to provide fi nanciers and policy makers with an overview of the status and drivers of the sustainable energy market development to help them weigh their commitments to the sector. [Executive Sumary]

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