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Progress report on gender equality, poverty eradication and the Millennium Development Goals in the Caribbean



This report on "Gender Equality, Poverty Reduction and the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in the Caribbean Region" seeks to highlight the progress made during the period 2007-2011 and identify gaps that need to be closed if the MDGs are to be realized by the 2015 deadline or very soon thereafter. It is divided into 10 sections: Section one is an introduction to the report; section two addresses the issues of gender and poverty and their impact on the other MDGs: Section three deals with Millennium Development Goals achievement in the Caribbean; section four examines Progress Made Toward the Achievement of the MDGs; Section five addresses Challenges Faced by States in the Achievement of the MDGs; and Section six presents Necessary Actions to be Taken. Section seven presents Recommendations for the Way Forward, Section eight presents Recommendations for the Alleviation of poverty; Section nine presents Priority Areas for the Realization of Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction, and Section ten concludes the report.

Includes bibliography

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