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Review of selected areas of research on the Caribbean subregion in the 2000s: identifying the main gaps



This study has been prepared to assist the French Development Agency (AFD), as part of the implementation of its Framework for Action Regional Caribbean, to identify the main development issues of the Caribbean region and areas of future research. The study focuses on the state of the research in the Caribbean region and proposes areas for future collaboration between the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the AFD. The areas of enquiry cover economic, social and cultural, environmental and international relations, with an emphasis on public policy. The study also presents the key institutions driving the research and the main outcomes of the publications. It also identifies, subject by subject, the main research gaps which emerge despite the considerable body of research done in the region. Caribbean countries have many similarities such as their relatively small size and high vulnerability to external shocks and environmental disasters, however, beneath these similarities can be found different approaches to growth and development. In terms of coverage, this study focuses principally on the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member States as well as the CARICOM countries plus the Dominican Republic (CARIFORUM), the associate CARICOM member States, the Caribbean observer members and countries of the French Caribbean territories.

Includes bibliography

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