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Energy Efficiency in Central America: Progress and action towards the fulfillment of the goals of the Central American sustainable energy strategy



In 2007, the governments of Central America approved the Central American Sustainable Energy Strategy 2020, with the support of CEPAL. The strategy is focused on promoting sustainable development of the regional energy sector. The Energy Strategy 2020 contains four goals linked to EE (energy efficiency in lighting, refrigerators and industrial electric motors; reduction of electricity losses in transmission and distribution; reduction of consumption of oil derivatives in public and private transport sectors; and promotion of sustainable, efficient and clean firewood stoves in rural areas). This document examines the advances in Central America countries have made six years after approval of the Energy Strategy 2020. It is important to note that energy efficiency is one of the pillars of the United Nations “Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)” initiative. Central American countries have joined this initiative and commitments made as a result of this initiative could act a bridge for the continuity of EE programs.

Includes bibliography.

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