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An assessment of the economic impact of climate change on the health sector In Trinidad And Tobago



.--I. The scientific evidence of climate change.--II. The impacts of climate change.--III. The health situation in Trinidad and Tobago.-- IV. A look at climate-sensitive diseases and climate-related illnesses in Trinidad and Tobago.--V. The climate in Trinidad and Tobago.-- VI. Preliminary climate implications for Trinidad and Tobago.-- VII. Trinidad and Tobago: the economic backdrop of climate change.-- VIII. The impact of climate change on health outcomes in Trinidad and Tobago: a suggested approach.-- IX. Empirical determination of the impact of climate change on disease incidence in Trinidad and Tobago.-- X The demand for health services and health services capacity.-- XI Scenario analysis.-- XII. The estimated impact of disease incidence on the health sector treatment costs to 2050 in BAU, A2 and B2.-- XIII. Trinidad and Tobago's response to climate change.-- XIV. Recommendations to strengthen the response to climate change.-- Adaptation cost vs. Treatment cost in BAU, A2 and B2.-- XVI. General Conclusion.

This research paper assesses the likely economic impact of climate change on the health sector in Trinidad and Tobago. The analysis, however, was limited to the economic impact of only a few climate-related diseases1 for which data were available. The approach utilized in this paper makes for easy extrapolation once the data on the other climate-related illnesses become available so that a full impact assessment can be carried out.

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