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An assessment of the economic impact of climate change on the agriculture sector in Saint Lucia



.--I. Introduction. A. Main Objectives.--II. The Economy of Saint Lucia.--III. Saint Lucia's Agricultural Sector Performance. A. Bananas. B. Fish Landings. C. Physical and Socio-economic Vulnerabilities of the Caribbean. D. Land Resources.-- IV. Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture.--V. Literature Review. A. Ricardian Models (Cross-Sectional Reduced-Form Hedonic Pricing Models). B. Panel/Fixed Effects Models. C. Agronomic-Economic Crop Models. D. Agro-Ecological at Zone Models (also called the Crop Suitability Approach). E. Crop Production Functions.F. Summary.-- VI. Data.--VII. Methodology. A. Bananas.--VIII. results and Forecasts. A. Base Period. B. Baseline Case. C A2 and B2 Scenarios. D. Bananas. E. Other Crops Sub-sector. F. Fisheries Sub-Sector.-- G Aggregate Value of Yield Loss for Bananas, Other Crops and Fishries.--IX. Potential Land Loss Due to Sea Level Rise.--X. Potential Impacts of Tropical Cyclones.--XI. Adaptation Options and Benefit Cost Analysis.--XII. Considerations for Mitigation Options in Saint Lucia. A. Emissions.--XIII. Climate Change and the Implications for Food Security.--XIV. Data Needs for Future Work.--XV. Conclusions.

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