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Broadband in Latin America: Beyond Connectivity



I. The shifting digital paradigm in Latin America .-- II. The demand gap: drivers and public policies .-- III. Regional and international connectivity .-- IV. Broadband, digitization and development .-- V. Mobile broadband: the urgent need for speedier roll-out .-- VI. Cloud computing, structural change and job creation in SMEs .-- VII. National broadband plans .-- VIII. Broadband and industrial policy: the Korean experience .-- IX. Net neutrality: debate and policies .-- X. The advance ofcloud computing .-- XI. The challenge of over-the-top content and services.

Includes bibliography.

Based on a model of the broadband ecosystem developed by the authors in their 2010 book, Fast-tracking the digital revolution: Broadband for Latin America and the Caribbean, they now analyse the evolution of this technology in Latin America, assess the economic impacts of its diffusion, propose public policies for its expansion and debate the future of the ecosystem. The policy analyses and proposals presented in the book focus on national programmes to foster universal broadband access and the debate on Internet neutrality. The study of the current trends highlights the progress of cloud computing and the new developments induced by the entrance of over-the-top operators in the region. This book underscores the need to expand regional and national Internet traffic exchange points (IXPs) and the relevance of the increasing demand gap, which poses new challenges beyond those related to access and connectivity. This book is the result of the collaboration between the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), within the framework of the Inclusive Political Dialogue and Exchange of Experiences Project of the @LIS2 Programme (Alliance for the Information Society phase 2) of the European Commission, and the Regional Dialogue on the Information Society (DIRSI).

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