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Assessment of the electricity generation system and its investment alternatives of Belize (2020 - 2035).



The objective of this study is to conduct a detailed analysis of the current status of power generation in Belize and propose a Generation Expansion Plan 2020-2035, based on available energy resources and the feasibility of new technologies used in conventional and distributed generation of electricity. It considered the investment options for the implementation for the Generation Expansion Plan 2020-2035. In order to develop a generation expansion plan for Belize a reference scenario was devised. SimSEE Model was used in the simulations. The technologies being used as standard "building blocks" for the present Generation Expansion Plan are based on fully proven, state of the art solutions, such as Solar Photovoltaic panels, Wind Turbines, Conventional Backup Thermal using fuels already available in the country like Reciprocating internal combustion engines, piston engines, running on heavy fuel oil and / or diesel oil or Gas turbines in open cycle configurations. Sample calculations to evaluate the variable fuel cost of generation from the fuel price and the heat rate are presented. In order to analyze the possibilities of financing an expansion plan, it is necessary to differentiate between the power generation projects that will be carried out through PPA contracts and the expansion and improvement of the transmission and distribution network.

Documentos de Trabajo de OLADE. DTO/2019/06.

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