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Manual on foreign trade and trade policy: Basics, classifications and indicators of trade patterns and trade dynamics



Summary .-- Introduction .-- I. Overview about the basic statistical analysis of foreign trade .-- II. Price and quantity indicators, price ratios, and terms of trade .-- III. The link between trade and production .-- IV. Tariffs and non-tariff barriers .-- V. Main trade classifications and their different analytical usage .-- VI. Basic indicators of trade pattern .-- VII. Indicators related to trade dynamism .-- VIII. Indicators of relative dynamics in intra-regional trade.

This manual systematizes the basics of a set of methodologies, analytical variables and indicators for a better understanding of international trade dynamics. For the systematic development of that document, the first part includes basic knowledge like definitions of proportions, percentages, annual growth rates, and structural analysis. Based upon that, the second part introduces more comprehensive concepts for a profound analysis of trade. Furthermore, concepts of tariff and nontariff protection, the link between production and trade as well as the main classifications of international trade and their different analytical uses are discussed in detail. The manual focuses on providing the largest number of possible indicators for a better understanding of a country’s trade pattern and its trade dynamics, taking into account the different types of firms and sectors involved in international trade.

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