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Youth: realities and challenges for achieving development with equality



Foreword .-- Introduction .- Chapter I. The master key to the social inclusion of young people: education and employment / Andrés Espejo, Ernesto Espíndola .-- Chapter II. Health and young people in Latin America and the Caribbean / Heidi Ullmann .-- Chapter III. Inclusion and contexts of violence / Humberto Soto, Daniela Trucco .-- Chapter IV. Young people’s access to culture in the digital era in Latin America / Guillermo Sunkel .-- Chapter V. Political participation, commitment to democracy and priority issues for young people in Latin America, 2000-2013 / Carlos F. Maldonado Valera .-- Chapter VI. Final remarks. .

This book offers a portrayal of the opportunities for social inclusion afforded to young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a view to building stronger youth policies in the region. The youth population must be included in development processes if progress is to be made towards more egalitarian societies, not only because of the numbers of young people vis-à-vis the rest of the population, but also because of what these numbers mean in relation to dependency rates and the needs and issues particular to this stage of life.

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