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Investigación de mercados para identificar la oportunidad de comercialización de máquinas encajadoras de productos alimenticios a clientes potenciales de la empresa FICMAMS S.A., como fundamento para la propuesta de un plan de mercadeo



The present work consists in the realization of carrying out a market research that aims to identify the opportunity to commercialize food packaging machines to potential customers of the company Ficmams S.A., which is dedicated to the manufacture of machinery, distribution of laundry equipment and automation of industrial processes. The company has not yet developed markets research that allows it to know the potential of its products lines; however, the customer service and the human talent of Ficmams have made the company experience a great growth in the last 5 years. This growth forces the partners/managers to start formulating market strategies that serve as a guide to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the environment and at the same time, that help to face their internal and external threats. Market research is characterized by its exploratory / descriptive scope with a quantitative approach because, through personal interviews, findings were discovered and, in addition, it was collected, described and analyzed by means of graphs, information about the variables of the study - defined in the project methodology - with respect to the opportunity to market pick-and-place machines. This investigation served as an input for the elaboration of a proposal for a marketing plan that establishes the strategies and actions to commercialize the machines and for Ficmams to have in its hands a basis for future marketing plans. At the same time in which the variables were raised, an analysis of the macro-environment was made in which the “PEST” technique was used, which assesses the political, economic, sociodemographic and technological perspectives that influence Ficmams. Consequently, we proceeded to analyze the micro-environment beginning by understanding the competitive landscape through the model of the 5 forces of the industry of Michael Porter and also, we studied the current strengths and weaknesses. After gathering the above data, the most relevant results of the field research showed that potential customers handle several types of food packaging and that they manufacture many units to supply, above all, the national market but they do this manually. For these reasons, several benefits from industrial automation are perceived, so despite the absence of an imminent need to purchase custom-made pick-and-place machines in this moment, there is a willingness to acquire them in the future, which will depend on how profitable, costly and attractive the machines can be. In addition, the client must be very clear about the operation of the machine and the after-sales services that include. The promotion plays an important role because it is thanks to this as the future users realize the benefits that these machines bring. It is then how these results and the data of the current situation, helps to develop the marketing plan. The foundations of the marketing plan are the hiring, training and improvement of positioning. Hiring a new salesperson is important to focus efforts solely on the commercialization of the pick-and-place machines; this would execute many important activities such as the preparation of a database, public relations, monitoring of clients and preparation of promotional material. The training in issues such as leadership skills development and positive product offer, allow providing employees with the tools and capabilities to carry out an excellent job that is reflected in the delivery of a quality product accompanied by a outstanding customer service. It is important to emphasize that the trainings are carried out several times because the knowledge must be refreshed. Finally, the improvement of the positioning allows that through promotional efforts, customers perceive Ficmams as a company capable of developing tailor-made solutions, as for example, in this case, the pick-and-place machines. Actions such as assembling the company logo, offering calendars, updating the web page and the creation of videos showing the operation and benefits of pick-and-place machines, generate a positive impact. The future results of the application of these actions will eventually allow the company to generate a concrete opportunity to market the custom-made machines.

Proyecto de Graduación (Bachillerato en Administración de Empresas) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Escuela de Administración de Empresas, 2017.

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