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Implementación de pilares del TPM en la empresa Zollner Electronics Costa Rica Ltda


Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Zollner Electronics Costa Rica Ltda

The maintenance management in the companies should be involved on the reduction of losses, wastes and breakdowns so that together with other areas, they progress towards a lean manufacturing company as Zollner Electronics Costa Rica Ltd. intends to be. To achieve that, one of the bases is the total productive maintenance (TPM), with which it is sought to increase indices of efficiency, availability and quality. To do this, the project starts with the application of 5S (an important key for TPM implementation) both in the maintenance department and in the production lines of the SMT area. Subsequently, autonomous maintenance and focused improvements are introduced as initial pillars. For the former, manuals are made and implemented for the most critical machines in the production process. For the focused improvements, signaling is placed on the compressed air inlet gauges to the machines and the cleaning activities have been strengthening for sensors and nozzles which have presented considerable errors in the past. To complement and improve the maintenance management, it has been made a codification for the equipment, the criticality has been defined and the maintenance work orders have been introduced, while the department's digital information system has been improved. It is sought to measure the improvements and analysis of the impact of the maintenance on the company, so it is implemented maintenance indexes such as TMEF, TMDR, reliability and availability. For the latter, improvements of 2% are evident at the end of the project. There is also measured the overall efficiency index for which there is a 21% increase between January and May 2017. In addition, a strategy of cultural change is designed to give continuity and sustainability to the project within the company.

Proyecto de Graduación (Licenciatura en Ingeniería en Mantenimiento Industrial) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Escuela de Ingeniería Electromecánica, 2017.

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

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