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Capacidad de carga turística (CCT) para los senderos más transitados en el centro biológico Las Quebradas en Pérez Zeledón, San José, Costa Rica


Centro biológico Las Quebradas, Pérez Zeledón

This final graduation work, will evaluate the tourism impact that can generate when the visitors entry in the main trails in the Quebradas Biological Center in Pérez Zeledón. With the final purpose to determinate the appropriate number of tourists that can entry per day. This Biological Center is a nonprofit organization with more than 25 years old and the principal objective is protecting natural resources in Quebradas downtown in Pérez Zeledón. Also, it is an ecological importance because is part of Chirripo-Savegre Biological Corridor and it is transit of many important species as many kinds of mammals for example, pumas, tapirs and jaguars. On the other hand, is a one of the principal tourist attractions of Pérez Zeledón and receives many tourist daily, so that represent an ecological potential danger, as a disturb for the different species that interact in the trails. For generate proposals for help and mitigate the negative impact that the tourist can be made in the trails, Tourism Carrying Capacity (TCC) is determined, by the method proposed by Cifuentes (1999). This method consists in investigated, evaluated and calculate the different characteristic correction factors and carrying capacities for obtain the recommended tourists number that can entry per day in the trails. The TCC incorporate different carrying capacities, which they are; Physical Carrying Capacity (PCC), Effective Carrying Capacity (ECC), Capacity Management (CM), and Real Carrying Capacity (RCC). With respect to the RCC, they involve different corrections factors which they are; social, erodibility, fauna, rainfall and sunshine. These factors, which with their corresponding formulas, show the result of RCC which together the CM (infrastructure, equipment and staff) and obtain the PCC, result in the ECC and indicate the total and final value of the TCC. Through this research we can calculate the TCC and generate proposals for improvement in terms of hosting tourists per day in the main trails of the Quebradas Biological Center which are: La Quebrada, Pico Zoncho and cataract.

Proyecto de Graduación (Maestría en Gestión de Recursos Naturales y Tecnologías de Producción) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Área Académica Agroforestal, 2016.

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Lidia Gómez

Cartago - 300m Este del Estadio Fello Meza. Apartado 159-7050.

2550-2263, 2550-2365

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