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Caracterización de Sistemas Agroecológicos para el establecimiento comercial de cacao orgánico (Theobroma cacao) en Talamanca


Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Área Académica Agroforestal. Programa de Maestría en Gestión de Recursos Naturales y Tecnologías de Producción

A prerequisite for an estate planning is to have information on the characteristics of the producer or producer and his family, on natural resources and the production system you have. As to propose changes in the use and management of natural resources must know, analyze and interpret what is available in the production unit. This is why it is characterized plated five farms located in indigenous territory of Bribri community Shuabb Telire, canton of Talamanca, for the production of organic cocoa, under a traditional agroforestry system (Skowak) district. Five women are the beneficiaries, participants in this project, and it is no coincidence that farmers are women. Talamanca as in many rural areas of the country, the men leave the community in search of job opportunities, leaving the women in charge of family and land. Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is really appreciated as a native fruit that has fueled the history, culture and economy of indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Currently Talamanca is one of the main producing areas of cocoa Costa Rica also is resuming cocoa important role in the agricultural sector of the country, having suffered a significant drop in domestic production in the eighties. Sustainable management of natural resources is central to this project; so the focus of organic production, in a polyculture system, cause the project to be accepted in a good way by the indigenous community that is faithful protector of mother earth (Iriria) An acceptance of the proposed design for the establishment of agro-ecological systems was obtained. The professional support, the beneficiary families to establish cocoa production systems will be essential in order to contribute to sustainable human development of the national indigenous population.

Proyecto Final de Graduación ( Maestría en Gestión de Recursos Naturales y Tecnologías de Producción) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Área Académica Agroforestal, 2011.

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

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