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Requerimientos estándar para diseños de sitio de obra sostenibles en proyectos de edificaciones


Proyecto de Graduación (Licenciatura en Ingeniería en Construcción) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Escuela de Ingeniería en Construcción, 2014.

This project summarizes the activities undertaken around making a standardization tool for developing sustainable site layout focused mainly on buildings. The main objective was to make a proposal of a model and standard requirements for a site layout based on the specifications of the LEED, BREEAM and RESET standards. The standard requirements were obtained from visits to seven different constructions within the Great Metropolitan Area, the obtaining of the environmental parameters was by means of bibliographical investigation. The results expose the expert judgment criteria to be considered for proper site layout; at the time the implementation of the parameters contained in the norms of certification produce the principal result of this project, a manual for the accomplishment of a layout of sustainable site. Finally, there is included the tool elaborated for the standardization of site layouts, by means of the document: “Manual for the Standardization of Minimal Requirements in a Layout of Sustainable Site ", which provides the necessary information for a suitable planning of the provisional works implementing environmental parameters.

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Escuela de Ingeniería en Construcción.

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Lidia Gómez

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