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Cities the new policy shapers in the energy transition. Discussion paper



This publication is divided into three distinct parts. The first part reveals issues related to cities’ vulnerability, and shows how the local level is coping with the adverse effects of climate change while ensuring the wellbeing of citizens. With examples from cities in Central America, South East Asia, the United States and Africa, this section explains actions implemented by cities against issues such as air pollution, extreme weather, urban sprawl and crop failure. The second section explores how smart cities are paving the way towards a low-carbon future. By presenting projects from cities such as Dublin, Paris, Ludwigshafen, Rotterdam, Kochi and Singapore, we can better understand the increasingly important role urban societies are playing in addressing climate change. Initiatives include energy efficiency, citizens’ enrolment, data collection, building renovations, transport decarbonisation and sustainable housing. Existing green solutions are described in the final part of the paper. Cities such as Florence, Santiago, Warsaw and Brussels as well as regions such as Liège, Rhodope and Murcia showcase that green solutions often come with innovative financial tools and technological innovations that can boost investments and foster opportunities for growth.

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