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ECO : the energy conservation model for utility conservation program analysis resource impacts, electricity gas, oil, and water, air emissions reductions, and cost-benefit calculations. Model documentation.

Tellus Institute.; Biewald, Bruce. Henricks, Sarah. Loh, Penn.;

Avoided emissions and environmental dispatch. Demand-Side Management and the Global Environment [22-23 Abr. 1991, Virginia].

Biewald, Bruce. Bernow, Stephen.; Tellus Institute.;

A point-counterpoint analysis of major restructuring issues : paper summary.

Rosen, Richard. Kroll, Heidi.; Tellus Institute.;

Applying integrated energy /environmental framework to the analysis of alterative transportation fuels. European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy 1993 Summer Study [1-5 Jun. 1993, Rungstedgaard].

Tellus Institute.; Fulmer, Mark. Bernow, Stephen.;

Valuation of environmental externalities : sulfur dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Tellus Institute.; Biewald, Bruce. Bernow, Stephen. Gurney, Kevin.;

Critique of FERC'S new merger guidelines : implications for analyzing market power, mergers and deregulation.

Kroll, Heidi. Rosen, Richard.; Tellus Institute.;

Study of anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting options for Rhode Island.

Tellus Institute.;

Trash, traffic and taxes : elements of market-based pollution policy.

Tellus Institute.; Bernow, Stephen. Peters, Irene. Ackerman, Frank.;

Projection of future market-based prices for air emissions : consequences for renewable and demand-side management resources.

Duckworth, Maxim R.. Biewald, Bruce.; Tellus Institute.;

Environmental benefits of DSM in New York : Long Island case study. Demand-Side Management and the Global Environment [22-23 Abr. 1991, Virginia].

Tellus Institute.; Biewald, Bruce. Bernow, Stephen.;

Energy implications of integrated solid waste management systems.

Visalli, Joseph. White, Allen L.; Tellus Institute.;

Policies and measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the United States : analysis of options through 2010.

Bernow, Stephen ... [et al.].; Tellus Institute. Stockholm Environment Institute.;

Tracking activity and results in DSM programs.

Tellus Institute.; Nichols, David A. Salgo, Harvey.;

Social cost analysis of alternative fuels for light vehicules. Transportation and Energy [22-25 Ago. 1993, California].

Tellus Institute.; Fulmer, Mark. Bernow, Stephen.;

Corporate environmental performance indicators : a benchmark survey of business decision makers.

White, Allen L. Zinkl, Diana M.; Tellus Institute.;

Gas substitution in electric utility DSM : a case study for Long Island. National Demand-Side Management Conference [5, Jul. 1991].

Tellus Institute.; Nichols, David A.;

Financial economics and renewable energy. NARUC-DOE National regulatory Conference on Renewable Energy [3-6 Oct. Georgia].

Talbot, Neil H.; Tellus Institute.;

Can we get there from here? : the challenge of restructuring the electricity industry so that all can benefit.

Stutz, John ... [et al.].; Tellus Institute. Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation.;

Halfway to the future: reflections on the global condition

Tellus Institute;

Valuation of environmental externalities for energy planning and operations : may 1990 update.

Tellus Institute.; Bernow, Stephen. Marron, Donald B.;

Energy efficiency laws in Latin America and the Caribbean. A look and analysis of the legislative progress of the region.View Record
Vulnerabilidad al cambio climático y medidas de adaptación de los sistemas hidroeléctrico en los Países Andinos.View Record
Evaluación de escenarios para la formulación de la estrategia energética sustentable SICA 2030.View Record
Nuevo paradigma de los sistemas eléctricos. Generación distribuida y microrredes eléctricas. Un vínculo de accesibilidad a la electricidad en América Latina y el Caribe. En: ENERLAC. Revista de energía de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Año 2019. View Record
Compared legal analysis of illegal oil bunkering in Mexico, Colombia and Nigeria. En: ENERLAC. Revista de energía de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Año 2019. View Record
Código de Instalaciones Eléctricas de NicaraguaView Record
Apuntes para un manual técnico de diseño, estandarización y fabricación de equipos para pequeñas centrales hidroeléctricas. Turbinas Michell - BankiView Record
Economía ambiental : una introducción.View Record
Informe de estadísticas energéticas = Energy statistics report 2012View Record
Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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