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Environmental benefits of DSM in New York : Long Island case study. Demand-Side Management and the Global Environment [22-23 Abr. 1991, Virginia].

Tellus Institute.; Biewald, Bruce. Bernow, Stephen.;

Energy implications of integrated solid waste management systems.

Visalli, Joseph. White, Allen L.; Tellus Institute.;

Policies and measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the United States : analysis of options through 2010.

Bernow, Stephen ... [et al.].; Tellus Institute. Stockholm Environment Institute.;

Tracking activity and results in DSM programs.

Tellus Institute.; Nichols, David A. Salgo, Harvey.;

Social cost analysis of alternative fuels for light vehicules. Transportation and Energy [22-25 Ago. 1993, California].

Tellus Institute.; Fulmer, Mark. Bernow, Stephen.;

Corporate environmental performance indicators : a benchmark survey of business decision makers.

White, Allen L. Zinkl, Diana M.; Tellus Institute.;

Gas substitution in electric utility DSM : a case study for Long Island. National Demand-Side Management Conference [5, Jul. 1991].

Tellus Institute.; Nichols, David A.;

Financial economics and renewable energy. NARUC-DOE National regulatory Conference on Renewable Energy [3-6 Oct. Georgia].

Talbot, Neil H.; Tellus Institute.;

Can we get there from here? : the challenge of restructuring the electricity industry so that all can benefit.

Stutz, John ... [et al.].; Tellus Institute. Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation.;

Halfway to the future: reflections on the global condition

Tellus Institute;

Valuation of environmental externalities for energy planning and operations : may 1990 update.

Tellus Institute.; Bernow, Stephen. Marron, Donald B.;

ECO : the energy conservation model for utility conservation program analysis multi-resource impacts, air emissions reductions, and benefit-cost calculations, model documentation.

Tellus Institute.; Biewald, Bruce. Henricks, Sarah. Pen, Loh.;

Renewing the Caribbean : costs and benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Jamaica, Barbados, and St Lucia

Tellus Institute;

Modelling fuel cycle and site-dependent environmental impacts in electric resource planning. OECD-IEA Expert Workshop on the Environmental Impacts of Energy Systems, Life Cycle Analysis : Methods and Experience [18-19 May. 1992, Paris].

Tellus Institute.; Bernow, Stephen. Biewald, Bruce. Wolcott, David R.;

Study of the impacts of EPA phase II SO2 and NOx emissions standards on electrical generation facilities in the ECAR region.

Bernow, Stephen ... [et al.].; Tellus Institute.;

ECO : the energy conservation model for utility conservation program analysis resource impacts, electricity gas, oil, and water, air emissions reductions, and cost-benefit calculations. Model documentation.

Tellus Institute.; Biewald, Bruce. Henricks, Sarah. Loh, Penn.;

Avoided emissions and environmental dispatch. Demand-Side Management and the Global Environment [22-23 Abr. 1991, Virginia].

Biewald, Bruce. Bernow, Stephen.; Tellus Institute.;

A point-counterpoint analysis of major restructuring issues : paper summary.

Rosen, Richard. Kroll, Heidi.; Tellus Institute.;

Applying integrated energy /environmental framework to the analysis of alterative transportation fuels. European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy 1993 Summer Study [1-5 Jun. 1993, Rungstedgaard].

Tellus Institute.; Fulmer, Mark. Bernow, Stephen.;

Rol y perspectivas del gas natural en la transformación energética de América Latina. Aportes a la implementación del observatorio regional sobre energías sostenibles.View Record
Opciones para el aprovechamiento energético de residuos en la gestión de residuos sólidos urbanosView Record
Guía de buenas práctica para el ahorro y uso eficiente de la energíaView Record
Electrical energy storage in MexicoView Record
Análisis costo - beneficio de la generación solar distribuida en MéxicoView Record
Código de Instalaciones Eléctricas de NicaraguaView Record
Apuntes para un manual técnico de diseño, estandarización y fabricación de equipos para pequeñas centrales hidroeléctricas. Turbinas Michell - BankiView Record
Informe de estadísticas energéticas = Energy statistics report 2012View Record
Economía ambiental : una introducción.View Record
Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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