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It is an Information System developed by OLADE, which integrates, processes and disseminates statistical, foresight, socio-economic, legal information, supply & demand for services and documents for the energy sector of the 27 Member Countries of OLADE, based on methodologies and standardized concepts that allow the consolidation of information at the national, sub-regional and regional levels.



  • It integrates information from the energy chain by establishing uniform criteria for standardization, guaranteeing the reliability of the results.
  • It presents historical series for the most important variables in the energy sector, from which you can set trend behaviors, identify the causes of changes in the composition of the energy mix, and the prospect of the future performance of the sector.
  • It optimizes the timing and frequency of the energy information from countries.
  • It contains indicators that combine economic and energy information optimizing sector analysis and providing best elements for planning.
  • It is integrated within a single platform, in addition to numerical information, documents, texts and information on legislation that applies to the energy sector.


The SIER is primarily aimed at the energy authorities of the Member Countries of OLADE and specialists from entities related to the sector, universities, consultants and investors and generally global energy community that requires integrated, timely and official information on the main features and issues of the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, under a single platform.


It is the Regional Energy Information Platform used by OLADE to integrate the SIEE, SIEL, Forecasting, Supply & Demand and Documentary Services subsystems.


(*) Subsystems on implementation process.


Please browse freely in   OLADE's Regional Energy Information Platform through the link: and you will have access to SIEE's energy information database from 2000 to 2005 and for the SIEL you will find all the information. However, there are several restrictions for downloading.

In order to have full access to the demand/ supply statistical information, energy balances, balance of greenhouse gases, prices, infrastructure, reserves, potential and downloading documents in the legal system on matters of legislation, regulation, policy and plans energy, draft bills among other official documents of the 27 Member Countries of OLADE for the years (1970-2015), we recommend you to authenticate your account as a user on the "Login" option, available on the top right of the home screen option.

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