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Information system containing data on the most important variables of the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean from 1970 to date.

The data are provided by countries and permanently published on OLADE's website.



  • It integrates information from the energy chain by establishing uniform criteria for standardization, guaranteeing the reliability of the results.
  • It presents historical series for the most important variables in the energy sector, from which you can set trend behaviors, identify the causes of changes in the composition of the energy mix, and the prospect of the future performance of the sector.
  • It presents indicators that combine economic and energy information optimizing sector analysis and providing best elements for planning.
  • It optimizes and facilitates the provision of energy information at national or regional level.
  • Integrates all the information on the energy sector.
  • Generation of Energy Balances according to OLADE's methodology.
  • Executive reports that allow a comprehensive analytical look for decision-making.


It provides timely information and official status for:

  • Studies and analyzes at national, sub-regional and regional level
  • Decision-making in adopting energy policies
  • Comprehensive and indicative energy planning.
  • Comparative analysis between countries


Ministries or Departments of Energy, public and private entities in the energy sector, universities, consultants and investors.


The Energy-Economic Information System - SIEE has been updated and is now part of the Regional Energy Information System - SIER through which it integrates, processes and disseminates statistics, prospective and socio-economic information; the energy sector of OLADE's Member Countries, based on standardized methodologies and concepts that allow the consolidation of information by Subregion countries and regions, allowing comparative analysis between them.

The SIEE associated subsystems: Statistical, Forecasting, Global and Socioeconomic; making it available to users, information on the different stages of the energy chain with annual or monthly organized in the following areas:

Statistical Subsystem

  • Infrastructure

Installed capacity in transformation centers - power plants, refineries and gas plants; storage of hydrocarbons, products, and motor vehicles.

  • Supply and demand

National Energy Balance, regional and sub-regional organizations, in the form of a matrix of primary and secondary energy, and the flow of the energy chain, with annual series from 1970 to date.   Foreign Trade - Import / export of oil and oil products, with annual series since 1988.

  • Prices Costs and Fees

Energy sources: Oil, natural gas, LPG, gasoline, diesel oil, fuel oil, kerosene, jet fuel, coal and electricity

Residential, commercial and industrial prices, with and without tax, to the final consumer price; import and export prices.

Tariff schedules (current extract of the most representative utility of each country).

Series since 1970 - annual average prices; and series from 1988 - monthly referential prices

  • Resources, reserves, and potential

Energy sources: Oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, oil field inventory, potential hydroelectric, geothermal, bioenergy, solar and wind.

  • Environmental impact

Inventories of Greenhouse Gases

Prospective subsystem

  • Infrastructure
  • Supply and demand
  • Prices Costs and Fees
  • Projects
  • Resources, reserves, and potential


World subsystem

Reserves, production, consumption, imports, exports, prices, installed capacity, by geographical regions.


Socioeconomic Subsystem

Social and economic data related to the energy sector.


Having internet connection.

Browser or browser versions: Mozilla Firefox 10.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher and Google Chrome 17.0 or higher, or a browser on their updated versions.



Annual subscription 2 users US$ 3500


The value to be paid does not include taxes, wire transfer costs or another characteristic of each of the countries of origin.

The subscription to our service allows you to access statistics based on data from 1970 of the 27 Member Countries of OLADE:

Argentina              Cuba                                     Honduras                              Dominican Republic

Barbados              Ecuador                                Jamaica                                Surinam

Belize                    El Salvador                          Mexico                                  Trinidad and Tobago

Bolivia                   Grenada                                Nicaragua                             Uruguay

Brazil                    Guatemala                            Panama                                Venezuela

Chile                      Guyana                                 Paraguay

Colombia              Haiti                                      Peru

Costa Rica

You can view and download the information in Excel format in the system by using a password.



Before getting a subscription, it was established a demonstration of SIEE in which one can appreciate the advantages of the system, with the restriction of some years when inquiring.   Free periods between 2000 and 2005 are provided.

Access to the system in demo mode, it is automatically performed by accessing the system through the link:

The demo mode can be verified by presenting the Login option in the upper right part of the initial window of the SIER.

If you want to have full access to all our information and do not have an authenticated user and password, you can purchase an Annual subscription . For more information, go to the section Price or contact us:


To enter the system, go to the following link:

In the next window or SIER initial window, choose the option Login at the upper right.

In the next window enter your User Y Password (Keeping the format provided, using the period character "." and lower-case) and click on Login.



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