The World Bank Awards Funding to OLADE for the Caribbean Energy Statistics Capacity Building Project

In order to strengthen the capacity building of Energy Statistics in the Caribbean countries, OLADE and the World Bank signed an agreement on November 7th, 2017, whose main objective is to improve the capacity for planning and management of energy statistics in five Caribbean countries: Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica and Suriname.
The project will provide the necessary resources to organize energy sector data, focusing on capacity and management of energy statistics. The resources will be extended through OLADE, which will provide political and technical support to the five countries, focused on regional and sub-regional energy integration, in line with CARICOM's commitment to integrate with the OLADE Energy Information System -SIE-LAC-.
The project is composed of the analysis of the energy structure of the institutional and regulatory framework, as well as the strengthening of capacities and implementation of Energy Information Systems of the participating countries, for this purpose, technical support, training and the provision of technological infrastructure will be provided to meet the proposed objectives.

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