The project “Strengthening Capacities of Caribbean Energy Statistics” starts a second stage

On January 28 and 29, 2019, representatives of the World Bank visited the Olade headquarters to carry out the mid-term review and follow-up of the project "Strengthening the Capacities of the Caribbean Energy Statistics", which is financed by this financial entity. Project that consists of developing 5 national information systems for Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica and Suriname and deliver training in energy planning tools and prospective scenarios.

At the moment, the functional requirements of the systems to be developed are being defined to later perform the parameterization and configuration of the same, as well as the loading of the respective energy and socioeconomic information.

In a second stage, training will be provided on the management and use of these systems, as well as their utilization to carry out prospective and medium-term energy planning.

Through this project, Olade, seeks to increase the quality and optimize the dissemination of energy information in the region. This, to promote the availability of harmonized energy statistics with international standards, to ensure that the management of data in the sector, becomes one of the pillars that promote the sustainable and inclusive development of our countries.

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