Successful Workshop on Energy Planning in Grenada

On 12 May 2016, twenty one officials from public and private companies of the energy sector of Grenada actively participated in the first workshop on Energy Planning Manual Implementation. The workshop was organised by OLADE with the collaboration of the Grenadian Ministry of Finance and Energy which is being funded by the Canadian Government.

The workshop opened with an official welcome from Mr John Auguste, Senior Energy Officer from the Ministry of Finance and Energy - Energy Division. Mr. Auguste provided an overview of the current situation of the energy sector of the country and highlighted the importance of applying the energy planning methodology of OLADE for ensuring the sustainable development of the energy sector. From OLADE´s side, the opening remarks were given by Dr Earl Green, Caribbean Sub-regional Coordinator, who mentioned that energy is the lifeblood of every country´s economy and therefore the relevance of strategic planning within the energy sector.

Mr Julio López, OLADE´s Energy Information Specialist provided an overview of the OLADE´s experience in the implementation of the energy planning manual in Honduras and Bolivia, the main activities involved in the information management and planning, characterization of the information, energy information systems, energy Indicators, institutionalization and the role of the different stakeholders in the energy planning process and development of skill in energy planning. Mr Gabriel Castellanos, OLADE´s Energy Planning Consultant, explained the planning process as an energy policy tool for the development of a sustainable energy sector, energy policy basic concepts, sectorial analysis and planning, the development of energy scenarios and assumptions, energy forecasting process, methodology and tools.

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