OLADE was part of the Event “Energy + Clean” in Brazil

The Executive Secretary of OLADE, Dr. Fernando Ferreira attended the event "Energy + Clean " in Brazil, which was promoted by the Ideal Institute, the entity for the promotion of renewable energy and development of energy integration policies in Latin America. The seminar brought together national and international experts to discuss the current challenges of the sector and the challenges to maintain economic, environmental and social sustainability of the Brazilian matrix.
During the meeting, it was streamed the video " America Do Sol " that highlights the initiatives of the Ideal Institute, in collaboration with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), which promotes the efficient use of solar energy in modern cities. In addition, brochures developed by the Institute on 'Solar electricity' and 'Photovoltaic Micro generators Guide' were distributed.
Before an audience of more than 200 people, including students, researchers and entrepreneurs, the Executive Secretary (OLADE), Fernando Ferreira, said: "There are approximately 30 million people without access to energy in Latin America and the Caribbean." Therefore, for Ferreira, it is a valuable opportunity for the expansion of the sustainable energy sector. "This method has not only become a sustainable and an environmentally friendly business, but it is also an economically advantageous alternative. We must promote a space for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience, as it is very important to spread sustainable culture through this seminar. "
It is worth mentioning that OLADE developed, along with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a methodology so concerned countries can replicate the Brazilian experience implemented under the “America do Sol " program.
Likewise, the Secretary had the opportunity to get in touch with agents of photovoltaic energy generation sector of the Latin American and the European region, who were present at the event. He also was at the laboratory of photovoltaic generation in the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, to discuss possible future cooperation in training in the area of photovoltaic generation.
The Ideal Institute and OLADE have collaborated on the "Ecological Contest" which is open to receive papers from to students and professionals in the energy area with proposals related to sustainable energy and energy efficiency in the region.
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OLADE was part of the Event "Energy + Clean" in BrazilOLADE was part of the Event "Energy + Clean" in Braziltodd_southgate-2-300x200OLADE was part of the Event "Energy + Clean" in Brazil

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