This April 7 to 10, 2015, OLADE started providing Technical Assistance to Belize with the aim to preparing the evaluation and analysis of existing technical, environmental, fiscal and tax regulations on hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons Coordinator of OLADE Ms. Martha Ligia Vides was joined by consultants Isabel Chopitea and Carlos Echazú from Bolivia, who were selected for the development of the assistance. Meetings with the country's authorities were held including: Director and Inspector of Petroleum of the Geology and Petroleum Department of the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, and Utilities and his technical team with the Income Tax Department and the Director of Environment of the Ministry of Environment, forestry, fishing and sustainable development. The meetings were held with a view to setting a work schedule and know about the institutionalization of oil sector in Belize. The technical support will lasts for eight months and the following products are expected as results:
  1. Diagnosis and analysis of the hydrocarbon sector policy and regulatory system in Belize
  2. Portfolio of specific Technical Assistance (review and recommendations for improvement) which should include proposals for new regulations and amending of existing legislation.
  3. Final report of the consultancy which must include the report of results presented to the sector authorities and findings and recommendations.

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