Olade publishes the study: Energy Outlook of Latin America and the Caribbean 2018

Olade publishes its first "Energy Outlook of Latin America and the Caribbean 2018", a document that presents information on the evolution of the energy matrix of all the Member Countries of the Organization.

This publication shows a comparative analysis of the global and regional results of various studies, carried out by prestigious institutions recognized worldwide. In this study, a prospective regional study is also carried out in which the evolution of the main energy variables is analyzed by the year 2040.

Likewise, a chapter is presented in which the relevant events occurring in the energy field of the region during the year 2017, are detailed. Subsequently, aggregated statistics and energy indicators of the Latin American region, the Caribbean, worldwide as well as of each Member Country of the Organization, are detailed by means of graphs and time series. Following this, a chapter begins, detailing the recent changes in the legislation, regulation and energy policy of the countries.

Olade through this document aims to provide the community of the energy sector, a true source of reference that provides updated and relevant energy information of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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For more information: centro.documentacion@olade.org

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