As part of the Energy Planning Manual, between November and December, OLADE provided training on Energy Forecast in Grenada and Belize. The training was provided by Mr Fabio García, OLADE´s Specialist on Studies and Projects and Mr Gabriel Castellanos, Energy Planning Consultant. These workshops involved one week of training in each country where various stakeholders of the energy sector built capacities in energy planning and were trained in the use of SAME, an energy forecast software developed by OLADE and specifically suited to meet the needs of Latin America and Caribbean countries.

In the case of Grenada the Workshop took place between the 14 and 18 of November and included 15 attendees representing the various stakeholders of the energy sector; including the Ministry of Finance and Energy, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture and Grenada Electricity Services Ltd (Grenlec).

Based on Energy Scenarios jointly developed by The Energy Division from the Ministry of Finance and Energy and OLADE. During the workshop Mr John Auguste, Senior Energy Officer from the Ministry of Finance and Energy - Energy Division, highlighted the usefulness of the SAME software for Energy Planning matters in Grenada.

Meanwhile, Belize’s Workshop on Energy Forecast was implemented from the 28 of November to the 02 of December and included the participation of public and private stakeholders, in total 13 attendees. The participation of Public institutions involved The Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU), Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, National Bureau of Standards, Statistical Institute of Belize and Ministry of Works & Transport in Belize. On the other hand, the participation of private stakeholders included the participation of the Oil Company - Belize Natural Energy and Electricity Company - BEL Ltd. The industry was also represented by well known beverage company Coca Cola.

Mr Ambrose Tillett, Director of the Energy Division from the MTSTPU, emphasised Belize’s interest in the use of OLADE’s tools for present and future energy planning projects in the country.

Both workshops, in Grenada and Belize, enabled the development of capacities in energy forecast among the participants through a detail explanation about energy forecast foundations and application of such principles in order to achieve the development of a sustainable energy sector. Here, SAME Software and its features were applied for the establishment of long term energy forecast for year 2035.

The aforementioned works on energy forecast will also be developed for the Dominican Republic in early January 2017. All these results represent an import input for implementation of a fourth workshop of the Energy Planning Manual by the first quarter of 2017 where Guidelines for the National Energy Plan for Grenada, Belize and The Dominican Republic will be shared.

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