OLADE Participates in the Energy Sector Symposium of the Dominican Republic

This April 8, 2015, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic hosted the Symposium for the energy sector reform of that country, which was supported by the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Dominican Republic Economic and Social Council and OLADE.


The Dominican Republic is currently developing the Electricity Covenant included in the Law 1-12 of the National Development Strategy 2030. The Electric Covenant represents an effort to achieve a social / political consensus to address challenges which has long characterized the power sector. (Go to www.pactoelectrico.do )


The aim of this Symposium was to promote a better knowledge and understanding of the subjects to be discussed by all stakeholders invited to the Electrical Covenant in the Presidential Decree. It is expected that this conference leads to narrow the information gap between participants and provide useful information for stakeholders regarding the issues of all segments of the value chain of the electricity sector.


The event was attended by international and national experts who delved into topics regarding Generation, Transmission, Marketing, Regulatory, Distribution, Users and Consumers.


OLADE was represented by the Director of Studies and Projects, Mr. Jorge Asturias Ozaeta, who as keynote speaker, gave a presentation on the functioning of an efficient power sector and shared some experiences in the region on this field. Additionally, the coordinator of electricity OLADE's, Ms. Alexandra Arias, actively participated as the specialist in Regulation during the round-table discussions held during the event.

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