Olade organizes Training Workshop on (SAME) Technology Tool

As part of the annual training programs carried out by OLADE (Latin American Energy Organization), it was organized a workshop to teach the use of SAME tool (Energy Matrix Simulation and Analysis Model) in the Akros Hotel on May 23, 24 and 25. The workshop was aimed at officials and staff in the energy industry.
SAME tool was created by OLADE's specialists and it was implemented to carry out energy foresight studies, which aims to make systematic forecasting of the future of the energy system of a country or region, based on the formulation of hypotheses and feasible scenarios of changing markets, facilitating policies and development of strategies that guarantee energy security in a given horizon.
The workshop, in the beginning, was intended to train officials of OLADE in using the Model, however, given the interest shown by some institutions in the energy and academic sector in Ecuador, it was opened the participation of delegates in the event. Under this framework the event was attended by the following delegates: Ministry Coordinator of the Strategic Sectors (MICSE) of the Agency for Regulation and Control of Electricity (ARCONEL), Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MEER), National Institute for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (INER), Ministry of hydrocarbons, Petroamazonas, the Technical University of Ambato, and the National Energy Control Center (CENACE).
On the first day of the workshop participants were instructed on the configuration, data entry, projection and simulation of the SAME model. The installation of the tool on the computers of each participant, allows them to directly apply the tool and become familiar with its use and the various aspects to consider for implementation.
On the second day, exercises were given to the participants to experience the use of the tool and its scope. On the third day exercises were also practiced to culminate with a comparative analysis of results. Certificates were also awarded on this day.
The workshop was conducted by OLADE's specialist Fabio Garcia. OLADE's Executive Secretary Dr. Fernando Ferreira addressed the following opening remarks: "SAME is a tool that has been fully developed in OLADE with the knowledge of our technicians (...) OLADE always seeks to develop projects linked to the creation of tools and the fact of knowing the energy market that allows us to create the tools. Fundraising projects or studies is much easier now because organizations can have access to more accurate results than with a tool. However, the advantage is that a tool endures over time. "

Olade organizes Training Workshop on (SAME) Technology ToolOlade organizes Training Workshop on (SAME) Technology ToolOlade organizes Training Workshop on (SAME) Technology Tooltaller-same-e-300x168

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