OLADE and the Energy Division of Barbados Officially launched the National Energy Information System


On November 26th, the Latin American Energy Organization, OLADE, and the Energy Division and Telecommunication of Barbados held a launching event of the Barbados Energy Information System (BEIS) at the University of West Indies in St. Michaels, Barbados.

The opening ceremony of the meeting was held by the Permanent Secretary of the Energy Division and the Telecommunications Unit, Mr. Jehu Wiltshire, stressing the importance of having the country's energy information centralized in one system as key aspect for local and international stakeholders. Mr. Wiltshire mentioned that the system will allow Barbados to conduct further studies, research and energy forecast.

Bryan Haynes, Chief Project Analyst of the Energy Division, recognized all the effort and engagement of the Barbados Energy Information Committee, which included government organisations and private companies in the energy sector of the country that are the main providers of information. He also presented a roadmap for the following years including the conduction of studies on energy – economic modelling and the establishment of an energy statistics desk in the Energy Division that will be in charge of keeping the BEIS up to date.

In the event, Julio López, OLADE's Specialist of the Coordination of Information and Training, presented the benefits, features and methodologies of OLADE´s Regional Energy Information Systems and the National Energy Information Systems. They are modern tools developed by OLADE which integrates, processes and disseminates statistical, socio-economic, legal information, supply & demand for services and documents for the energy sector of the 27 Member Countries of OLADE, based on methodologies and standardized concepts that allow the consolidation of information at the national, sub-regional and regional levels.

The features and contents of the Barbados Energy Information System were presented by Mark Millar, Economist of the Division of Energy and Barbados Energy Information System Manager. He explained the main features of the system that includes information from 2006 to 2014 in the hydrocarbons, electricity, renewables, and other subsectors regarding, international trade, supply and demand, energy balances, reserves, potentials, and indicators. The system allows calculating energy-economic indicators and environmental impact indicators, such as greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The system also includes information of the legal documents and important guidelines of the energy sector, among other features.

Delegates of the public and private companies related to the energy sector of Barbados that are part of the Energy Information Committee of the country such as Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Barbados Light and Power Company Limited, Barbados National Oil Company Limited, Barbados Statistical Service, Harville Enterprises, National Petroleum Corporation, Rubis West Indies Limited, Sol Barbados Limited, Sol Petroleum SRL formerly Esso Barbados SRL, among others, participated actively during the event. Representatives of international delegations, local NGOs, and academics also participated in the meeting held at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of West Indies.

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