IRENA and OLADE held a workshop about the “Deployment of Renewable Energies in Latin America” in Quito, Ecuador.

On the morning of August 1, 2018, at the Olade headquarters in Quito-Ecuador, the "Deployment of Renewable Energies in Latin America" workshop was held, jointly organized by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Olade. One of the main outcomes of the workshop was to identify key policies and regulatory barriers to the development of renewable energy in various national contexts in Latin America.

The workshop was opened by Olade's Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco, the Vice-Minister of Energy of Ecuador, Mauro Intriago, and on behalf of IRENA, the Acting Director of Support for Countries and Associations, Gurbuz Gonul. Olade's Executive Secretary stressed that "we are in the greenest region on the planet where most of the energy comes from renewable energy. It is important to realize that the region is undergoing a process of energy transformation and new technologies for which business models must be managed, which will allow us to scale up this process of energy transition”.

The Vice-Minister of Energy of Ecuador explained the achievements of the Ecuadorian electricity sector and the importance of the use of renewable energies within the energy matrix. In addition, he said it is essential to encourage and facilitate investment to promote the development of sustainable projects within the sector.

The acting director of IRENA stressed the importance of support in the region to maximize and introduce renewable energy into policies, regulations and investments to generate an exchange of opportunities and challenges.

The meeting discussed the role of renewable energies in the region and the importance of building sustainable projects that have financial tools and instruments available to facilitate future projects. The main barriers to empowering local financial institutions and methods to improve access to capital at the local level were also identified.

The dialogue panel was attended by representatives of Olade's Member Countries, the Undersecretary of Renewable Energy of Argentina, Sebastian Kind, representatives of ECLAC, GIZ and energy sector authorities from the region.

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