Geidco representatives deepen the actions carried out together with Olade

A commission of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization(GEIDCO) headed by Dr. Liu Xiaojuan, Director of the Cooperation Office, visited the Permanent Secretariat in Olade to establish a dialogue on the joint actions carried out by the two Organizations, based on the memorandum of interest signed just recently.

The dialogue focused on the prospects for regional electricity integration, the incorporation of renewable electricity generation, the economic and energy transition in the region, and the role of international organizations in this transition. In this context, the Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco, presented the Organization's point of view on these issues, the actions underway and planned.

As a result of this meeting, Geidco and Olade are preparing actions to strengthen cooperation. It is planned to prepare regional studies on electrical integration and participation in regional events such as the “Energy Week” to be held in December in Montevideo, Uruguay.


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