Energy Integration Revelance was Highlighted by OLADE at the 6th Edition of the Clean + Energy Seminar

“The concept of integration will be transformed by the inclusion and distribution of non-conventional energy sources.”

OLADE´s Executive Secretary, Fernando César Ferreira attended the 6th Edition of the Clean + Energy Seminar in Brazil in the city of Florianopolis. During the event organized by the IDEAL Institute, the Secretary participated in the closing table entitled: “Energy Integration, Politics and Economics of Latin America.”

Regarding clean energy, the Secretary stressed that these are the most appropriate energies to be supplied to the people without energy access. To that end, and to democratize the energy production process in the region, financing organizations should consider funding individual systems, thus avoiding the concentration of energy production means.

The Secretary stressed the importance of energy integration, “the concept of integration with the insertion of non-conventional distributed energy sources is to be changed by covering other aspects different from the possibility of connection between countries, but including complementary knowledge and advantages shared by the countries of the Region” he said.

He also reminded the Funding authorities of the importance to enable direct loans to the producers, without the interference of third parties in the process. “Distributed energy sources allow, for the first time, democratizing energy production in our region” he concluded.

In conclusion, Fernando César Ferreira reaffirmed the importance of renewable energy from clean sources in the role of social inclusion, primarily within the philosophy of the SE4ALL program, in which OLADE is an essential part.

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