Comparative Energy Law Seminar “Towards a Regulatory Framework for Sustainable Energy Development.”

The Comparative Energy Law Seminar entitled “Towards a regulatory framework for sustainable energy development” was held on May 28, 2015, in Bogota, Colombia, at the headquarters of the Andean Parliament.

The event was jointly organized by the Latin American Energy Organization -OLADE and the Andean Parliament, and it took place during the XLVI regular monthly sessions of the Andean Parliament.

As part of the implementation of the Framework Agreement for Institutional Cooperation signed between the two institutions in October 2014, a Draft Regulatory Framework for Sustainable Energy Development was designed and developed, which was discussed during the Seminar for Andean Parliamentarians, government authorities of the Member countries of both instances, OLADE´s officials and international experts invited.

The seminar was inaugurated by the Executive Secretary of OLADE, Fernando César Ferreira, Javier Reategui Rosello, President of the Andean Parliament and the Secretary General of the Andean Parliament, Eduardo Chilliquinga.

The Executive Secretary of OLADE, Fernando Cesar Ferreira in his opening remarks referred to the need to strengthen universal access to energy worldwide.   He highlighted the role of OLADE in Regional Energy Integration and the important work undertaken together with the Andean Parliament in policy development.   He stressed the importance of disseminating and implementing the draft Regulatory Framework for sustainable energy development as a key element for the harmonization of policies and legal systems in the Andean Sub-region.

The seminar that consisted of four panels, was aimed at analyzing the technical-legal and political viability of the project on Sustainable Energy Development Framework.   Additionally, it focused on the definition of elements that contribute to a permanent legal innovation in order to establish a harmonious and coherent relationship between politics, the regulatory framework and the dynamics of the energy sector, in terms of integration.

The Seminar was attended by over 100 representatives from the Ministries of Energy, Public Enterprises, and Company related to the sector of the Member Countries of the Andean Parliament, Andean Parliamentarians, Advisers of the Legal Energy Information System of Bolivia, Colombia instances, Costa Rica and Panama, professionals of the sector, academics and students of careers related to the energy sector.

The event was addressed by the Vice Minister of Energy Development of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Jorge Rios Velasquez, who gave a keynote lecture on Bolivia's energy policy and the results of its implementation.


Some of the international exhibitors who attended were: Vicente Lopez Ibor President of the International Law Office of Madrid, professor and member of the Group of Experts of the European Commission; Lennys Rivera Director of Integration of OLADE; Roberto Hinestrosa Rey Dean of the School of Government and International Relations of the Externado University of Colombia; Tatiana Castillo Specialist of the SIEL - Legal Energy Information OLADE; Victor Hugo Marmelo Dos Passos Filho, Planning and Coordination Advisory of the Technical Executive Directorate-Itaipu Binacional (Brazil); Erika Garcia Sustainable Energy Development and Efficiency Coordinator of OLADE; Ursula Solá , President of FINDETER and Griselda Lambertini, Academic Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Master in CEARE Energy - University of Buenos Aires.


Structure and objectives developed:


First Panel: Doctrinal principles of the Energy Law:   It provided a general description of the doctrinal principles and sources that constitute the foundation of the branch of law called "Energy Law."


Second Panel: Energy , legislation and governance constitutional regime in the energy sector:   The audience was provided with key elements of the importance of including the State position in relation to ownership, use and exploitation of energy resources, within the Constitution.


Third Panel: Energy Policy, Law, and Integration: Participants were introduced with key elements in the analysis of mechanisms and procedures to harmonize regulation with energy policy in the framework of integration processes.


Fourth Panel: Political, financial and regulatory barriers affecting energy integration: It provided participants with alternatives and proposals for the resolution of the political and regulatory barriers that affect the development of energy integration processes.


Additionally, Yanire Brana made a presentation on the ZAYED future energy Award, dedicated to recognizing the achievements in renewable energy and support innovation in sustainability.


The seminar successfully fulfilled its agenda and concluded with a commitment to continue joint work between OLADE and the Andean Parliament, to support the advancement of the proposed regulatory framework for sustainable energy development to achieve approval and subsequent implementation in the countries of the Andean Region.


The reports on the results of the event will be shortly published

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