Belize has started the implementation of the Energy Planning Manual

One of OLADE’s main objectives is the enhancement of capabilities and development of new skills in energy planning within the LAC region. Aligned with this objective, from February 2016, OLADE is working with the Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities – Energy Division of Belize in the implementation of the energy planning manual.

This project, funded by the Canadian Government, started its first workshop on May 3 in Belmopan with the participation of 25 officials from public and private companies of the energy sector of Belize who showed an active engagement in the workshop by participating in various discussions. The workshop opening words were led by Mr. Ryan Cobb who spoke on behalf of the Energy Director, Mr. Ambrose Tillet. Mr Cobb highlighted the benefits of the project for establishing a road map which leads to a sustainable and strategic growth of the energy sector in the country.

Mr Julio López, OLADE´s Energy Information Specialist provided an overview of the OLADE´s experience in the implementation of the energy planning manual in Honduras and Bolivia, the main activities involved in the information management and planning, characterization of the information, energy information systems, energy Indicators, institutionalization and the role of the different stakeholders in the energy planning process and development of skill in energy planning. Mr Gabriel Castellanos, OLADE´s Energy Planning Consultant, explained the planning process as an energy policy tool for the development of a sustainable energy sector, energy policy basic concepts, sectorial analysis and planning, the development of energy scenarios and assumptions, energy forecasting process, methodology and tools.

The workshop included a detailed explanation of the project’s various stages and methodology where the project’s final aim is to development guidelines that will later be considered for Belize’s national energy plan. The Energy Division in Belize is also implementing a National Energy Information System with the support of OLADE. This tool has been implemented previously in other countries and it will centralize not only the energy sector information but also socio-economic and legal information. For this purpose, OLADE also conducted a technical visit to meet the main information providers in Belize and to analyze the information of the energy system with the Belizean Energy Division. During this technical visit, information flows and the main sources of data and relevant studies were identified for all the different energy sub-sectors, including electricity, hydrocarbons, renewables, environmental, energy consumers (industries and businesses) and socio-economic. This information will be essential to develop the contents and the features of the Energy Information System, which will be implemented in the following months.

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