2016 InterEnerStat Workshop and JODI Inter-Secretariat Technical Meeting

OLADE attended to the 2016 InterEnerStat Workshop held on 13-14 December followed by the JODI Inter-Secretariat Technical Meeting held on 15-16 December in Paris, France. In this regard, the main purpose of the InterEnerStat Workshopwas to define the International Energy Statistics community contribution to strengthening energy efficiency monitoring globally and to discuss and agree on next steps on how partner organizations can move towards common data reporting, how to advance training and capacity building, and steps to raise profile and resources.
The most important international organizations related to energy statistics and some countries attended to this remarkable event such as: AFREC, ADEME, APERC, EEA, IEA, UNSD, ECLAC, Energy Community,IAEA, IEF, ERIA, EUROSTAT, GECF, OPEC, OECD, WORLD BANK, UK, CANADA, USA, KOREA, CHINA, INDONESIA, among others.Paola Carrera, Coordinator of Information Management and Training of OLADE had the opportunity to present LACexisting and planned activities related to the energy end-use data collection.Mrs Carrera highlighted the importance of the upgrading stage that OLADE is going through specially in the Useful Energy Balance Manual and the collaboration provided by some countries such as Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia in attending to some interviews, proving their methodology and related data.
Furthermore, OLADE chaired the Global efforts to enhance energy efficiency data session, where Andres Schuschny, official from ECLAC, presented the BIEEprogram (Energy Efficiency Indicators in LAC). OLADE and ECLAC mentioned during the event that both organizations are having some discussions regarding joining efforts next year in order to support Latin American and Caribbean countries in this topic.
Mrs Carrera also chaired the “Understanding end-use data collection at national level” session with the objective of understanding the countries’ work on energy use data collection, techniques, uses and challenges faced; to get to know how can international organizations can provide support; and to identify which common data is available. Representatives from China (Jianwu Wen), United Kingdom (Julian Prime), Canada (John Appleby), Indonesia (GolfritzSahattuaSohuturon), andUSA-EIA(Eileen O’Brien) provided different approaches across sectors using different techniques and highlighted some of the challenges faced by their countries as well as use made of the data.
Finally, during the JODI Inter-Secretariat Technical Meeting, OLADE presented the data participation status of JODI-Oil & JODI-Gas from Latin American and Caribbean Countries and the strategies applied during the year in terms of online training and follow-up.Progress on harmonization of source file format and data consolidation mechanism was also discussed, among other topics during the meeting. The next 13th International JODI Conference will be held in Washington DC on June 28-30, 2017.

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