It is the maximum managing body of the Organization.  It is made up of the Ministers of Energy or their equivalent in each Member Country.

Its main purpose is to formulate the general policy of the Organization in keeping with the objectives of the Lima Agreement. Its duties include approving work plans, budgets, activity reports, balance sheets and financial statements as well as projects to reform the norms and Regulations of the Organization.

It is responsible for the election of the Member Countries of the Directive Committee and the appointment of the President, Vice President and Reporting Secretary.

Name and remove the Executive Secretary. After a report of the Executive Secretary, it knows in advance, approves or rejects the joining of new members in the Organization, the rejoining of old members as well as the Participating Country status.

Ordinary meetings are held once a year and extraordinary meetings are held when circumstances call for it according to what is stipulated in the Bylaws.

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