Secretaría Permanente

The Department of Studies and Projects is in charge of attending and provide technical assistance for energy planning to the Member Countries of the Organization; by promoting and implementing projects regarding Hydrocarbons, Electricity, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Environment and others.
Promote sustainable energy development in Latin America and the Caribbean through cooperation among member countries, project development, research and analysis of regional energy information.


  1. Support the strengthening of research and technological development in the sector through analysis, evaluation and dissemination of "best practices" and current innovations.
  2. Facilitate mechanisms for the debate and discussion in order to increase the dialogue on the principle of collaboration and cooperation between the various actors involved in the energy sector.
  3. Promote cooperation for integration and sustainable energy development in the region.


  1. Run programs, studies and regional and subregional projects;
  2. Develop and propose integration projects at regional and subregional levels entrusted by the Meeting of Ministers;
  3. Conduct studies and reports based on the statistics and information from OLADE and other agencies;
  4. Conduct periodical prospective  and energy policy studies in the region and subregions;
  5. Prepare and publish articles, research papers, books and studies on energy issues for the benefit of Member Countries;
  6. Disseminate at regional levels, the  experiences on technological development in Member Countries;
  7. Support the development of training programs relating to their functions;
  8. Identify potential sources of funding and support the Executive Secretary in obtaining resources for projects of regional and subregional integration;
  9. Perform the Permanent Secretariat's systems network maintenance and the related IT developments.