Secretaría Permanente

Mission: Contribute to the integration process and sustainable energy development in member countries through consultancy, coordination and cooperation at regional and sub-regional levels. Strategic Objective:
  1. Promote the development of activities of regional and sub-regional energy integration.
  2. Propose policy and legal and regulatory frameworks
  3. To strengthen and position OLADE with the proactive and participative presence of the National Coordinators of the Member Countries, planners, regulators and managers by SUB-REGIONS.
  4. Develop a financial mechanism to achieve self-sustainability of programs, projects and sub-regional offices of OLADE
Sub-regional Offices: They will be established at the request of the Member Countries, depending on the specific needs of the different sub-regions and the budget availability for the Organization. OLADE-Central America Offices is the first Sub-regional office of the Organization, through which specific actions with the Member Countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama have been coordinated. The Second Sub-regional Office was opened in Kingston, Jamaica on August 14, 2012. Dr. Earl Green works as a consultant at the OLADE Sub-regional office in the Caribbean.